tunisian crochet ear warmer
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Simple Tunisian Crochet Ear Warmer FREE Pattern

This simple Tunisian crochet ear warmer was inspired by the Salome ear warmer pattern by Hands and Kneedles. I absolutely loved Dana’s design and wanted to recreate it using Tunisian crochet!

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Tunisian crochet ear warmer

***The Tunisian crochet pattern includes two finishing options. One creates a simple band, the other creates the knot/twist finish.***

Simple Tunisian Crochet Ear Warmer

Skill Level – easy

Tools and Materials

Abbreviations (U.S. terms)

  • ch – chain
  • st – stitch
  • TKS – Tunisian knit stitch, see pattern notes
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • return – work a return pass, see pattern notes


  • 16 sts X 18 rows = 4 inches X 4 inches

Pattern Notes and Finished Dimensions

  • Working this pattern as written will measure 21 inches around. You can customize the circumference by adding to subtracting rows.
  • Working this pattern starting with 48 chains will measure 6 inches wide and working this pattern starting with 32 chains will measure 4 inches wide. You can customize the width by adding or subtracting the number of starting chains.
  • Return / Return Pass Instructions: yo, draw through 1 loop, * yo, draw through 2 loops, repeat from * across until you are left with 1 loop on your hook
  • Tunisian Knit Stitch Instructions: insert hook from front to back between the front and back vertical bars (your hook will go in on the right side of the stitch and exit the back of the work on the left side of the stitch), yo, pull up a loop

Check out the video tutorial that Ashlea from Heart Hook Home created.

Simple Tunisian Crochet Ear Warmer & Headwrap Pattern

Chain 48 for headwrap width. Chain 32 for ear warmer width.

Row 1: Starting in the 2nd ch from the hook and working into the back bump, draw up a loop; repeat in each st across. Return.

Row 2 – 95: TKS in each stitch across. Return.

Row 96 (sl st bind off) : Starting in the 2nd vertical bar, * insert hook, yo, pull through both loops on hook, repeat from * across

Fasten off leaving a 2 yard long tail for seaming.


Using the mattress stitch, seam the long ends of the fabric together ensuring the right side is facing out. See Photo A

Tunisian crochet ear warmer
Photo A

Gently pull seamed fabric lengthwise to loosen the seam a bit. See Photo B

Photo B

Knot the end of yarn used to create the mattress stitch with the tail from the starting chain to secure. Cut off or weave in excess lengths. See Photo C

Photo C

Flatten your work keeping the seam in the middle and cut a 30 inch length of yarn. Knot one end of the newly cut yarn strand to the flattened side edge of the project. Whip stitch opening closed. Repeat process to seam opposite opening closed. See Photo D

Photo D

**If you will be making this ear warmer with the knot/twist finished, then skip this step (Simple Band Finish) and head down to the “Knot/Twist Finish” section.***

Simple Band Finish

Fold short ends together taking care to make sure the headband is inside out (the long mattress stitch seam will be facing out). Then, seam short ends together with a whip stitch to create a tube. See Photo E

Photo E

Secure seam with a knot, weave in all ends, turn right side out and enjoy!

Knot/Twist Finish

Fold short ends in half taking care to make sure the headband is inside out (the long mattress stitch seam will be facing out). See Photo F

Photo F

Insert the short folds into each other. See Photo G

Photo G

Seam short folded and inserted ends so that they are sewn sandwiched together. See Photo H

Photo H

Secure seam with a knot, weave in all ends, turn right side out and enjoy!

tunisian crochet ear warmer

Click HERE to check out the inspiration for this pattern – The Salome Ear Warmer pattern – on Ravelry.

Click HERE to purchase the PDF version of The Simple Tunisian Ear Warmer pattern on Ravelry.

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tunisian crochet ear warmer


  • Judy

    I wonder if the seaming for the Twist will make the headband “bulky.” I only know the basics of Tunisian Crochet so I really rely on a pattern. In the picture it does look a little bulky. I still want to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this pattern. **

    • Julies Crochet

      Hi Judy, I don’t consider the seamed twist too bulky, but I do think that is personal preference. Perhaps it may be too bulky for you, and that’s okay. Happy crocheting 🙂

  • Providencia

    Is this 21″ for a 21″ adult size head or is it for a slightly larger head? How much ‘give’ will this have when it’s finished? Thanks

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