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10+ Perfectly Giftable Rainbow Baby Crochet Patterns

I scoured the internet in search of the absolute best rainbow baby crochet patterns and I am so excited with the patterns that I have the pleasure of sharing with you today!

Some of these patterns are free and some are paid, but all of them together make a roundup of beautiful rainbow inspired crochet patterns that make perfect gifts for rainbow baby moms, or any mom that loves pops of color or the simple dreaminess of a gorgeous rainbow. I call it A Roundup Curated for Cuteness!

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rainbow baby crochet patterns

10+ Perfectly Giftable Rainbow Baby Crochet Patterns

For those who may not know, a rainbow baby is a baby born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. Anyone who’s experienced the loss of a baby knows the painful emotions that follow are like being in the eye of the worst storm imaginable. The baby born after a loss is the beautiful rainbow that shines after the storm.

Rainbow Rattle by A Crafty Concept

The color possibilities are endless with this adorable boho rainbow rattle. Not sure what colors to use? Try using the nursery colors or mom and/or dad’s favorite colors. Click through to the post to find a matching downloadable rainbow greeting card.

Rainbow Isles Baby Blanket by OneLittleHook

I designed this blanket with 9 rainbow inspired colors instead of the traditional 6 colors for added rainbow-y goodness.

rainbow baby crochet patterns rainbow beanie

Rainbow Stitched Beanie by Haley Handcrafted

This adorable rainbow beanie features a fun and simple cross stitch rainbow. Easy enough for beginners and size customization instructions, from baby to adult, are included. Hello, Mommy & Me set!

Boho Crochet Rainbow Wall Hanging by The Stitch Foundry

I love the stitch variation in the rows of this rainbow wall hanging. Not only does it look fun to crochet, but it also looks like a quick make, which I’m a huge fan of.

P.S. This pattern even has a video tutorial, click through to check it out!

The Rainbow Linings Garland by Little Raincoat Creations

How adorable is this rainbow garland?!? The clouds add the perfect level of dreaminess to these cute little rainbows.

rainbow baby crochet patterns

Rainy Day Cardigan by Well of Dreams

This adorable rainbow cardigan (available in sizes 1 – 10 years) is perfect for beginners! This is a perfect gift to honor a rainbow baby and mama who maybe didn’t know the special meaning of rainbow babies until their littles got a little older.

Rainbow the Pony Rattle by TillySome

This adorable rainbow pony pattern is fun, simple, and chic. The pattern comes with instructions on how to crochet the handle you see in this picture, as well as a ring style handle.

rainbow baby crochet patterns rainbow pillow

SummerOf77 Rainbow Pillow by Megan Valenti

Rainbows and boho go so perfectly together just like in this adorable pillow design. I love the Boppy-esque shape of this pattern!

Doughnut Buddy Rainbow by Oodles of Crochet

I’m not surprised that the queen of Doughnut Buddies, Rachel Zain, had a rainbow doughnut buddy in her arsenal. This little critter is absolutely adorable just like all of her other doughnut buddies! Check them all out here.

rainbow baby crochet patterns bonnet and sweater

Rainbow Baby Newborn Set by Kylee’s Kraft Kloset

No rainbow baby roundup would be complete without a traditional sweater and bonnet set. This sweet set looks like it would work up fairly quickly.

Rainbow Storage Basket by My Poppet Makes

This rainbow storage basket is perfect for organization and storage while adding a bit of whimsy to a nursery or little kids room. Pro Tip: Use the same pattern with different weight yarns to make coordinating baskets in varying sizes.

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rainbow baby crochet patterns

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    • Julies Crochet

      It’s my pleasure, it is such a cute design! I added a little snippet in the post about the video tutorial <3

  • Denise

    Your email when I joined said the patterns were free. I tried to get the newborn rainbow set for a newborn and it takes me to Ravlery and it is $5.00. I even went to your website and went under the free crochet patterns and it was there but still takes me to Ravlery and the cost is not free.

    • Julies Crochet

      Hi Denise, All of the patterns that I design and post are free to a certain extent. I have patterns that are free on my blog, some that are a free Ravelry download, some that are free on the blog with additional bonuses in the purchasable pdf download, and some that are not free at all. I do understand your frustration though, thinking something is free, then finding out it is not is no fun, and if you are like me then it can feel a bit like being swindled. I assure you that was not my intent. I did post at the top of the roundup that some of the patterns that some of the patterns are free and some are not, however I do see the inaccuracy by including this post in the “free crochet patterns” menu when only some of the patterns are free, I will delete it from that menu so as to avoid further confusion. As far as the pattern costing $5, well I hope that doesn’t deter you from buying that pattern, the amount of work that goes into creating a pattern is nearly immeasurable and patrons support of up and coming makers like the one who designed this set means more than you know to us little makers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and thank you for listening to mine. I appreciate you and I hope you keep visiting my site, maybe we’ll chat again another time 🙂

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