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Sew Amigurumi Parts Like a Pro with This Video Tutorial Roundup!

Sewing amigurumi together, ugh.  Just the thought of it makes my tummy twist up into knots.  The thought of ruining a piece that I worked hours on with my horrible sewing skills just gets my nerves going.  Sound familiar?

This inspired me to set out and create this roundup of sewing tutorials from some AMAZING designers that’ll surely smooth out those tummy knots!

So relax, watch, crochet, and enjoy!

How to Sew Amigurumi Parts

Brooke Rabideau from Snuggly Fox Designs shows us 3 easy ways to sew amigurumi arms!

Kali Dahle from The Friendly Red Fox shares some fantastic and simple tips to sew amiugurumi arms, legs, and ears

Jess Huff from jesshuff.com shares her slip stitch technique which creates a neat, seamed edge.

Kristi Tullus from kristitullus.com demonstrates how to use the mattress stitch to attach sew open amigurumi pieces to another piece.

June Gilbank from Planet June shows us how to create a seamless join using strategic stitch placement. Sounds complicated, but it’s really not, and quite possibly my favorite way to sew amigurumi parts.

sew amigurumi

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  • Sandy Royer

    Can someone please show what to do with the tail once the pieces of the Amigurumi are sewn together? I have tried to find a tutorial explaining this without much luck. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Julies Crochet

      I like to weave mine into the project to make sure it’s really secure, then I trim off the rest of the tail once it’s secure.

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